We offer 5" Seamless Gutter with the larger 3"x4" downspouts in a variety of different colors to choose from.

Micro Mesh Gutter Guard

  • The Standard IG2TM  micro mesh It consists of two laminated mesh layers:

    • On top: an active, stainless steel micro mesh. Its tiny 100-micon openings let water through, but barricade virtually everything else- including pine needles.
    • Underneath: A flexible support screen, made of rugged UV-stabilized, high-density polyethylene that's so strong it's used in highest quality hail protection nets.
    • In-Between: Two monofilament creating surface, designed to divert water flow into the mesh.
    • Such laminated IG2TM  micro mesh comes in 100' rolls, so it can be installed as a nearly seamless gutter guard system.            





 Leaf Free Gutter Protection  

    Leaf Free is engineered to stand up to added weight from snow and ice. It can be installed on any roof pitch, hides uneven roof lines, and blends in with your trim. Leafree's profile is virtually unseen from the ground. It is offered in 14 colors plus copper. Leaf Free is engineered to handle the heaviest rains on record.     

Garage Doors & Openers

Gutter Covers


Awnings & Door Hoods

Zephyr Awnings

 Solid Top Awnings can save you up to 25 percent on cooling costs by stopping heat and harmful UV rays before they even reach your window.
The solid top provides ultimate protection while the ventilated ends allow cool breezes to flow through.




    We offer Vinyl, Wood, and Iron Rod fencing, most of which are custom fabricated to fit your yard perfectly.

    Whatever your design needs, Kroy manufactures a full range of styles to suit the look of any home, and to meet any functional requirement. Kroy's vinyl and composite outdoor products set the standards for aesthetics, durability, low maintenance and ease of installation. Kroy fence, rail and outdoor structures come in the industry's widest selection of styles and colors and keep their great looks over the long haul. We back that up with nationwide service and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Kroy Product Guide:
Vinyl and Composite Railing
Ranch Rail Fence- 2, 3, and 4 rail, crossbuck, and diamond rail
Outdoor Structures- Sun Shade, Arbors, and Gazebos
Picket Fence- Scalloped, Straight, Square, Closed, and narrow pickets
Privacy Fence- Pre-fabricated, solid

Many colors and styles available, stop in store for more details!     
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Gutter Covers
Garage Doors